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Sunday, May 24, 2009

UC enrollment stats

Last year, just over 2200 high school graduates from San Diego County enrolled into one of the UC universities.

Which high schools were the most likely to send their students to the UC system?

I found the admissions database and used it to compute 3-year average enrollment rates for all major San Diego high schools ("major" defined as having 1000 or more students in 2008).

The overall ranking should not be very surprising to anyone who spent any time studying school characteristics such as API - quite naturally, Torrey Pines High is on top, with 19.4% UC enrollment rate; three out of four Poway USD schools are in the top 10, the exception being Poway High at #12; three SDUSD schools made top 10, namely La Jolla High (#4, 14.5%), Scripps Ranch High (#8, 12.1%), University City High (#9, 9.8%).

There are some deviations from the common API rating. As mentioned, University City High is in the top 10 (an average of 46 students or 9.8%), even though it's only API rank 7. San Marcos High (also API rank 7) had a remarkably bad showing during the last few years, sending an average of 13 students or 2.8% of its graduating class to UC during 2006-08. But overall the pattern is familiar.

What's interesting though is that the distribution is not quite as extreme as one could have expected. On one hand, high-end percentages are surprisingly low. Sure, some students from TPHS go to private schools such as Stanford or Ivy League universities ... but there are probably fewer of those than the number admitted to UC. On the other hand, the distribution has a long thick tail. Combined together, San Dieguito, Carlsbad, and Poway schools provide only a third of all UC freshmen. Why? Because even schools like Morse High (SE San Diego) and Fallbrook High have UC enrollment rates in 4-5% range.

Top 20:

1 Torrey Pines High 19.4%
2 San Dieguito High Academy 18.3%
3 Westview High 15.5%
4 La Jolla Senior High 14.5%
5 Canyon Crest Academy 13.3%
6 Rancho Bernardo High 12.8%
7 La Costa Canyon High 12.5%
8 Scripps Ranch High 12.1%
9 University City High 9.8%
10 Mt. Carmel High 9.6%
11 Coronado High 8.4%
12 Poway High 8.3%
13 Mira Mesa High 7.8%
14 Carlsbad High 7.5%
15 Bonita Vista Senior High 7.1%
16 Henry High 6.8%
17 Eastlake High 5.9%
18 Otay Ranch Senior High 5.7%
19 San Pasqual High 5.6%
20 Point Loma High 5.5%

Saturday, May 2, 2009

April '09

City average: 44.5% off the peak, 43.3% above Dec 1999
Top tier: 24.0% off the peak, 71.1% above Dec 1999
Middle tier: 43.9% off the peak, 44.8% above Dec 1999
Bottom tier: 53.0% off the peak, 36.5% above Dec 1999