Case-Shiller from 3 months into the future

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

San Diego HPI - September '08

City average: 37.5% off the peak
Top tier: 15.3% off the peak
Middle tier: 37.6% off the peak
Bottom tier: 44.9% off the peak

Note: the chart is rebased to use December '99 = 100%, this way my numbers can be directly compared with Case-Shiller.

Month S&P Case-Shiller SDHPI
January '08197.45198.06
February '08190.34190.64
March '08185.42184.87
April '08180.56179.99
May '08178.03176.52
June '08175.37174.37
July '08172.20171.42
August '08 168.25
September '08 164.32
October '08 159.23


Todd said...

This is great stuff. The separation between the tiers is dramatic. I'm guessing that's mainly based on location. Any chance you'll be able to do you regional breakdown in the near future?

amir_doron said...

Is there a definition of the 3 tiers (e.g., which zipcodes are in each tier)?

SD Scientist said...

The definition is here

I should put the link somewhere on the front page...

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Do you plan on updating this post with neighborhood breakdowns as you have with earlier HPI posts? I have my eye on a particular neighborhood, so that would help. Thanks!